A fantastic turnout for Saturday’s protest march

Saturday’s demonstration and march through Falmouth town had a fantastic turnout of supporters drawn from staff, students and local people.

The group of more than 50 people plus dogs, children and babies marched through town carrying the message ‘No to regional pay in FX Plus’ and highlighting the lack of consultation with staff and students using the three monkeys ‘Hear no staff, see no staff, speak to no staff’ design as below:

FX Plus Demo 5 IMG_2567

The message was very well received by everyone we encountered in Falmouth town with hundreds of flyers being snapped up and many people concerned about why they hadn’t heard about this before. Everyone we met was very supportive of the cause.

Judging by the traffic streaming in to our protest website here and the online petition here  since Saturday the message has spread even further than before.

The comments on the petition show exactly what our students and their parents think of the move.

“Ridiculous” says one current student.

“I want to know the institution I am at is accountable for my experience” says another.


With just 13 days to go we plan to continue to fight the signing all the way and beyond.

We will have more news on our work with the Board of Governors later in the week.

Well done everyone!

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