Our students speak out: 7 days to go

Flex is the student magazine for Falmouth and Exeter students at the Cornwall Campus. Their recent article on the protest against the transfer of our Academic and Student Support services teams to FX Plus is an excellent piece highlighting a number of interesting issues.
The FXU are quite clear on their position. Their position is the management’s position. They have been told what to say and are happy to repeat it verbatim.

“In an open letter to the FXU former Falmouth President, Jamie Clark, explained his concern on the matter and emphasised the previous elected presidents were opposed to the transfer.
He said: “I find this news to be very unsettling and can say I believe that there is absolute certainty that this will have a severe adverse effect on the quality of support and services available to students in Cornwall.”

In response to Clark’s letter, the FXU statement commented: “FXU’s primary specific concern was over the suggested inability to recruit and retain high quality staff that the changes may bring, thus having a potentially negative effect on the quality of service for students. FXU raised this issue as a matter of concern with senior management of Falmouth Exeter Plus and Falmouth University and are satisfied by the responses provided to these enquiries”

Once again, there is no comment, no defence of their position from the FX Plus management, from Anne Carlisle’s team and silence from Exeter.
Interesting then that Exeter students were among those today attending the demonstration at Sussex University against the privatisation of 235 of their staff in the catering, cleaning and security services. Do Exeter students not know what is happening down at Cornwall? Almost certainly not, despite our best efforts.
The management have done an excellent job of trying to keep this message away from the people it will affect most after staff, their students. The FXU have been happy to be party to this, and were even angry when flyers explaining the situation to students were handed out in The Exchange at Tremough Campus. They demanded that FX Protest stop bringing next years candidates into the debate on Twitter as we tried to publicise our campaign and criticised those students who did speak out for their services on our online petition.
750 comments have now been received on our online petition as below and of these over 500 are from Falmouth and Exeter students, showing the strength of feeling on this matter.
We will return tomorrow and every day until April 1st and then beyond with more news, updates and food for thought.

Petition comments

As a student at this establishment I think my and other student voices should also be heard alongside the A&SS staff who will be affected by this move.

Our learning experience could be disrupted or devalued by a move which results in unhappy support staff and possible industrial action, so therefore the whole site, support staff, academic staff and students, should all be consulted and allowed to voice their opinions and fears at an extra-ordinary general meeting and through consultation processes.


I am a student with dyslexia and have found the support of the ASK so important. My dyslexia was only picked up when i entered university and i didn’t get the right support in my previous education which meant that i was not able to produce work at the level that i am now. I have the freedom to book time with ask and have them read over my work and make sure it is of the highest quality so i can get the best grade possible. For my first term at university i received a 1st 2.1 and 2.2 i would have not been able to achieve this without the help of ASK and i know they will continue to support me throughout the rest of my university experience.


I think it’s important for the university to have complete control of it’s own products and services. Being a student and being the person footing the bill for these things, I want to know the the institution I’m at is accountable for my experience, for good or bad.

The library and support services at this university have been very good and I am shocked and disappointed to learn that standards are likely to drop because of a penny pinching attitude and a failure to value the staff as they deserve.
An institution of excellence invests in excellent people. Our librarians are excellent, what is the long term cost to future research recognition and finance in order to make short term, political headway? It smacks of a lack of commitment to the long term vision statement.

Considering how much students pay on tuition fees each year I don’t think it’s right to provide an inferior service to the one we currently have. Prices are going up but the service provided would be going down? No thanks.
The easily available access to the dyslexia help is vital for my studies.
I care about my future and where my money is going to. The library is very important and I use their services all the time. I am also Dyslexic and I know many students to be as well. The service I have received so far is exceptional!


This is unfair as Exeter IT staff do not change – plus they already have a much higher wage! Saying that Cornish wages are historically lower IS NO EXCUSE!

So you want to take more money off us, give less money to your staff and do what exactly with the savings? This is the first I have heard about this and I am a FAL student. Does that not ring alarm bells? Even just the fact that I have not been made aware of this until a petition to prevent it was flagged in my inbox is enough to make my blood boil. Seeing as the students aren’t anymore passive in the system, but are actually bankrolling it, don’t you think we should have some say in the decision making? Personally, as I am paying 9000 a year, I feel very strongly that I should get a say in the matter. With the recent reform of funding, there needs to be significant reform in the governance. Lowering salaries and rights of the staff is going to produce a workforce who really don’t give a crap and I don’t think that will be very conducive to my learning.

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